October 30, 2017


hello guys! it is October 30th and i can't believe a year went by so fast. i don't know why it feels like the last past years are passing so quickly. do you feel the same? i guess it is because i am growing old and now i live in another country i get to take care all by myself and i have only a little time left, especially on weekdays. but i am really grateful for this and i like it being an adult.

yesterday hurricane Herwart, whose wind gusts reached 180 kph (112 mph), hit eastern German and caused flood at the river Elbe and many train connections to shut down in several German northern states. it was really dark and windy, though i still saw few people at the bus stop and walk on the streets. the powerful wind could blow over cars but the traffic on the highway was good enough that we got home safely. 

despite it all we drove to my man's parents, who are about 63 miles away from our city to lunch together. it has been our weekend ritual to have some lunch or dinner together and play card games or board games. the food was amazing i had to talk about it all the way home. his mom literally can cook the best German food! it is definitely worth the ride.

you know, this kind of natural disaster makes you want to stay home all day. it is normal to feel like this. it is gray and rainy outside (not even try to mention the hurricane) and everybody wants to be safe. everybody wants comfort. but the truth is, there's always gonna be danger out there. you can't control these things. all you really can do is be careful and do what you gotta do.

Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing.

..and it is true. it is the best feeling to have in the whole world. that's why it is important to maintain relationships and build a home you always want to because you have to live with it. after 10 months of moving into this house, we are done with the decoration and we are happy about it. it is those little things that make you cozy, like i always want to have some kitchen wall art and look at them! magnifique!

this is my favorite outfit of the season! i am into red since the weather outside is getting frightful. i don't want to blend in with the surroundings. autumn makes the city indeed look pretty, but once in a while i don't want to do that. and i can't help but mention that these trousers are the best find in Zara. it is so cute and comfy for colder days because i am tired of jeans! i might need it in winter anytime but until then nothing but trousers!

i match them with my red sweater and a wool beret. with a simple black leather ankle boots this outfit turns into a classic look, and perfect for a brunch or sunday strolling. what do you think?


until then.

October 23, 2017

Life Update.

hi guys. i am finally back from the long break of summer and welcoming the begin of fall, my favorite season of all time, with this post. seeing the old posts here makes me realize how i am growing through this, through my blog. i am kind of finding a new side of me while i evolve my style. and it's time to write something again in my little corner of internet.

you know, it is like those school breaks. you sometimes need it. and i really enjoyed this little break from my blog. i love my blog, and i never plan not to write anything here for weeks. but in the meantime i had to prepare for the new school year, for my work (while i still update my life on my instagram), and i want to spend more time with my man on my holiday.


i was just back from my 2 weeks holiday in my hometown, Indonesia. i met my own family, and flew to other island to visit another family member (cousins, uncles, aunts..), who i never get to know before. it turned out really great, and i wish i could spend more time with them. i think i am gonna write about my experience there, because since i lived in Germany for years now, it is interesting how my lifestyle has shaped me to be a different person than i was years ago. 

the new school year has also begun calmly. it also means, more practice at the hospital. but again, i have more experience and i am happy about it.


we had our first home decor started and it has been so fun! the fall decoration was a success and since christmas is a wonderful time of the year, i am pretty excited for the next decoration! my man and i have been to beautiful places as well here in town such as museums, castles, and favorite snack bar to eat doner (that counts right?!).


we celebrated our anniversary! and my man got a new job that he loves. we also completed the last piece of furniture, which is exhaust hood in the kitchen! haha!

back to the outfit, i have also been exploring new online websites to shop. it also helped me to find pieces i love lately, AND actually go to stores in the city. man, i never been in the stores as often as the past few months since 2 years!  i found online websites back then and thought why should i go outside again to shop clothes, however i missed that thing. looking at the details and the fabrics, trying on clothes, and actually get the clothes right away! besides, my man prefers to shop with me in the stores and look at my outfits straightaway. it's also fun to go with him shopping because he lets me 'im Laden frei entfalten und mir hinterher gehen' (the germans know what i am talking about, haha!) and he always has funny sayings while shopping and i love it.

today's outfit is about soft colors. i am in love with my rose sweater lately (got it from Zara!) and matching it with my fleece denim jacket, which is perfect for early fall. black boots and stripes pants and i am ready to go!


until then.

August 11, 2017

Visit Germany: Bastei

Bastei, Deutschland
i used to grow up in one of big cities in Indonesia. it becomes normal to live in the middle of skyscrapers so i never have the thought of discovering any bridges that are beautiful, or anything magnificent. of course, i have always been a fan of nature. Indonesia’s great attractions are a fine blend of natural wonders, from highlands with active volcanoes, peaceful lakes, flowing waterfalls and forested mountains.

it was actually a rapid decision to go to the Bastei. we still have another two weeks off work and the weather does not cooperate the past days. it is kind of annoying too when you got great plans and cannot execute them such as picnicking. so we woke up one morning to made up our mind to go there.

i learn some interesting things about Bastei. actually, most of them are when it comes to Germany. like, how crazy it is that Bastei has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years?! it is a rock formation above the Elbe river and has been the famous one in Saxon Switzerland! this beautiful thing is formed by water erosion over one million years ago, which is mind-blowing!

Bastei - Location

they are located not far from Pirna southeast of the city of Dresden (near Rathen). as address you can enter 01847 Lohmen into navigation system. 

How to get there by car

when you reach this place you just have to follow the direction sign. after you exit Lohmen about 2 or 3 km, you will see a big parking lot. it is 50 minutes away from Bastei if you walk through forest, but it is also possible to take the bus shuttle from there but we have not tried it yet. you can park your car there about 3h for 3€. surprisingly there is also second parking lot that is very close to Bastei but it is pretty occupied as it is not too large.

Opening hours and entry fees

the area is not fenced, so there are no opening or closing times. everybody can visit the famous Bastei rock formations at any time of the year. Bastei including Bastei Bridge are also free of charge, only a small fee for the entrance to Felsenburg Neurathen within the compound.

Around Bastei

there is a snack bar nearby the second parking lot. we bought post cards there, Pommes and Bratwurst, which are good. if you want to enjoy typical local and international food you can visit the Panorama Restaurant. it is open daily from 10:00 am. next to it you will find Berghotel Bastei. 

from the Bastei Bridge you can enjoy view of the Elbe, a beautiful landscape, a little village and train track. it was a wonderful experience that no one will take from.

i am surprised of how great iphone camera is. i mean, look at this!

it was fantastic to discover such a magnificent place that is not so far away from my home. maybe there is some places you still gotta see around your neighborhood! 

i wish you guys a lovely day!
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