February 19, 2017

3 Unboring Ways to Dress Up T-Shirt & Boyfriend Jeans

We all love t-shirt and boyfriend jeans and they are must-have items that everyone should own! This classic combo has been trendy for the past few years because not only it looks simple but also effortlessly cool. Especially on lazy days, you will want to wear something comfy and still look casual but chic. No pieces have your back truly like t-shirts and boyfriend jeans! 

But now let's be honest, though they are easy to style, it can sometimes feel challenging, right? Here are 3 looks i have put together to inspire you to get the most out of these not-so-basic wardrobe essentials because styled with the right accessories, you CAN pull. them. off! 

Dress up a graphic t-shirt by matching it to this boyfriend jeans and leather ankle boots. Add retro vintage glasses and gold triple layer necklace for a touch of glam! Oh and also, lips crossbody bag!

For a casual look, pair your t-shirt and boyfriend jeans with embroidered jacket and lace up boots. Don't forget the french beret hat and and small clifton!

My tips?
Tuck the t-shirt into your boyfriend jeans!

Combine this cute grid t-shirt with boyfriend ripped jeans, suede ankle boots, leather crossbody and pocket loose cardigan sweater. With a silk scarf and you are ready to go!

What do you think about these outfits? Which one would you tend to wear on lazy days? Please let me know! And i hope you have had a relaxing weekend!

February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! Mine was wonderful as i spent the day with my man. He surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers and we spent the night at a restaurant we've never been before, which was hard to find. But that made the day special, experience new thing. 

It is always special to be with him, and i'm thankful to have him in my life. I can't believe it was our 4th Valentine's Day together! How the time has flown..

How was your Valentine's Day? Tell me your stories! 
Have a great day!

February 13, 2017

3 Ways To Spend Winter Break If You Aren't Going On Vacation!

I've finally made it to winter break and i'm so excited to rest all day because i really really need it. But let's be honest, you don't want to just lay all day at home not doing anything during winter break? neither do i! I have 2 amazing weeks ahead of me and i always feel that i need to do everything i always want to do and this is a great chance to do it! Here are 3 great ways i definitely do that i want to share to you to make these two weeks memorable:

1. Bake. I finally can bake again since.. Christmas?! I love baking and been doing it since 4 years. It's fantastic! I wonder why i didn't start earlier?! You can taste the dough, be creative, and having a house smells like strawberry cheesecake. Baking is essential during the holiday season and also celebratory because it's winter break y'all!


2. Re-decorate your room. So it's time to re-decorate that (messy) desk! The good thing about decorating is that it's fun! You have to get creative how you make that desk interesting again so next time you have to study, you feel motivated! I always feel the need to decorate my desk every week because i need to spend 3 hours a day, so why not spice it up a bit? I've made an essential office supplies list to increase productivity:

1. Flowers // 2. Books // 3. Journals // 4. Coffee mug // 5. Desk lamp // 6. Pencil holder // 7. Desk calendar // 8. Wall art // 9. Office supplies // 10. 3 Stackable office boxes // 11. Cute pencil set // 12. Table clock // 13. Gold letter trays // 14. Study wall boards

3. Watch those series you always want to watch. I'm a fan of New Girl and my man got me the third season of New Girl for Christmas last year and i never had the time to watch them completely because i always needed to study for the tests every. single. week.

What is your favorite thing to do during winter break? Share it with me! Have a great day!

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