April 10, 2017

Monday Look: Spring Scarf

It is a good feeling to be able to go outside again on days in spring. The time has passed so slowly when you have to stay at home feeling sick instead of going to school. My man and i were unwell the past days and this one week seemed like forever. But we feel better now after a thousand cups of tea and taking some rest. 

We were going to a park in town. I was a little bit surprised because this park is really huge and yet there were lots of people! We were driving for about 20 minutes only to find the parking lot. It was just crazy! There were so many, we also had to stand in the long line for ice cream twice! We have been waiting for around 15 minutes and it sold out just like that only 3 people before us. It was like a scene from a horror movie (for kids)! We took a look and found another ice cream stand and finally we got some! 

The high temperatures did not keep me from adding some accessories for my neck. It was indeed a warm day but when you take a stroll in a beautiful park it could be a little cold sometimes. I am amazed how a light scarf can actually keep me warm on a colder spring day! So i paired it with a lace camisole and boyfriend jeans with fishnets underneath. For a casual look, i wore my favorite white shoes and a leather jacket. What do you think?

What is your favorite accessories in spring? Please let me know! 
I hope you guys have a great day!

April 3, 2017

Monday Look: Baker Boy Hat

I have been writing about Spring since the last 3 posts and now i can proudly tell that Spring is officially here! There is nothing more exciting than that feeling that winter eventually gave up! This freshness of the spring and colorful warmth of the summer are so nice i can't tell!

During cold days i tend to wear winter beanie to avoid that head pain because of the cold temperature, especially if my long hair is a bit wet after a bath/shower and i don't have the time to blow dry my hair. Don't get me wrong, i really love my long hair and i enjoy taking care of it but it can sometimes feel like it takes that much effort! It is also unnecessary to blow dry my hair everyday. I feel like my hair gets extremely dry and unhealthy after that. Over-dry hair also causes damage and i don't want too much hairspray! So headwear helps me a lot!

As the temperature gets higher in Spring, it is a must going out in the sun. It is also important to wear a hat because of the heat on my head. It somehow causes dizziness and it's kind of annoying when you are trying to stay outside all day because look at this view!

Isn't it lovely?

I'm so happy this baker boy hat is trending because i am obsessed! This accessory has become my go-to, a fun alternative to those cute beanies and fedoras in Spring. Pairing it with my favorite black leather jacket and floral blouse, fishnet tights and white shoes, it has become my favorite outfit! Do you like it, too?

When you just want a good picture where you walk gracefully and it looks like you try this anti-gravity thing..

Are you also a fan of headwear? Which one you'd like to wear this Spring?

Have a wonderful day!

March 13, 2017

5 Things To Love Spring

How was your weekend, guys? I hope it went well! We recovered from a tiring day in Berlin. We went there again due to an appointment. We left home pretty early because we do not want to be late and get stuck in a traffic jam because Friday is the day where people go back to their hometown and there are always lots of people on the highway. So we want a relaxing car ride to Berlin to avoid stress.

It was sunny there in Berlin and i can feel the spring vibes approaching! There is something magical when you step outside and realize that the air starts to smell sweet. It’s been storming lately in our city and when the sun comes out, you know it’s time to stay outside the whole day. What could be more perfect than the longer days, evenings for more walking and opening the doors and the windows to let the warm breeze flow through the house? Spring has been my favorite season now and i love it nearly as much as i love Autumn, the changing of the seasons. 

The sun

Surprise, surprise! Of course, the sun! I mean, everybody's like: 5° doesn't bother me, it's sunny and i'm going outside feeling the sun on my face! Haha! Actually, by everybody i mean me, and since it's so freaking cold here in winter, the sunshine becomes my very best friend.

The outfit

Girl, it's time. Put your winter coat in the back of your closet for good. Spring is all about dresses and shirts and cute tops and skirts and the list could go on and on. You know, it’s not so hot that you’re sweating, but it’s not so cold that you have to bundle up. Spring is awesome, don't you think?


I LOVE this thing! The smell and the barbecue sauce and all that. I'm a fan. I don’t wait for summer to fire up the grill. AND, it keeps the kitchen clean! Does anyone really need a reason to love grilling? It's grilling!

Outdoor activities

OH, it's finally nice going outside! I don't even like to walk around on cold days. The only reason could be the fresh air and the falling snow but that's it. It's never be fun actually, but when the sun is lovely: bike ride, picnic, flying kite, badminton, gardening are fantastic! The streets are suddenly filled with lots of people and the city feels alive again.

The flowers

Almost forgot to mention this one! The trees lining the streets are budding and parks are blooming. Just flowers, and more flowers! Because fresh blooming flowers means life. I don't even have to explain why, do I?

Bonus: taking a walk without shivering! (this has to be on the list!)

So what is your favorite thing about Spring? Share the signs of Spring YOU are looking forward to in the comments! Let me know! 

Have a great day everyone!
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