June 19, 2017

Summer Pieces: Off-The-Shoulder

happy monday y'all! i hope you had a lovely weekend. we explore another side of the huge famous park we used to go to in our town: a train ride!

i have to say, this park is made for summer! not only you can row boats on the lakes (and yes, there is a little lake, too!) but you can also have a train ride operated by children and passengers can board at any of the five stations. we had a round trip through the park and it took us about half an hour. it cost 6€, but you can also take one station and cost cheaper than that. for a round trip, it lasted for a shorter time, but it is because the train (steam locomotive) went pretty fast! it is perfect to enjoy spring breeze before summer arrives this year.

we took a sunday afternoon stroll through the park after that while we ate our delicious ice creams. my man and his talent always amaze me with the photographs he made with his phone. everytime we pass a beautiful buildings or fountain, he made a beautiful picture out of it. it looks even better when it comes to landscape. i sometimes take the same exact thing, only with my dslr camera, but i often like it better from phone camera. now my dslr camera is officially only for other things but landscape.

but let's get back to the fashion, because this time i want to share one of my favorite spring outfit to you! one thing i have always loved about summer is the casual style that comes along with it. this season is all about adding detail, bright colors and texture to casual and comfortable clothing. with clothes that are just as fun and lovely, it’s no surprise that summer style has always been my favorite. and summer style means off-the-shoulder, because you just can go wrong with it! i could wear off-the-shoulder all summer long, from dress, top or blouse. i matched my off-the-shoulder blouse with a boyfriend and these cute black mule sandals. what do you think?

what is your favorite piece of clothes in summer? i wish you all a wonderful start into the week!

June 12, 2017

Picnic Date

hello, guys! i hope you had a wonderful weekend. mine was amazing, as you see, my man and i just had our very first wonderful picnic!

first of all, i need to tell you that i have always wanting to have a picnic. i actually bought the picnic utensils and stuff already since two or three years ago, but we never got the time for it because we still lived in another city and my man had to work abroad back then. this year, we want to catch up on everything so first things first, picnic!

there is nothing better than a park we always go to every weekend as our perfect picnic spot. if you follow me since day 1, i already told you few times that this park is freaking huge! the forecast for the weekend said 30° C so it was a great idea! it sounds like a lot, but we found a perfect place under a big tree and it was really comfortable. we didn't bring so many foods because we only want a brunch picnic so it should be a little lighter because we want to play badminton, too! and, we indeed were full!

for this picnic we had:
  1. baguette
  2. bacon and eggs
  3. picnic skewers (raspberry + mango + cucumber, sausage + eggs + cucumber)
  4. lemonade (ours was raspberry)
  5. homemade Meis-Frikadelle
  6. pretty drinking jars
  7. plates, cups, utensils, napkins
  8. picnic blanket and cooler bag
  9. instax

since this picnic was a success, i want to share some things you should keep in mind before having a picnic:

first. avoid messy things like chicken wings, or pizza. i know, they are delicious and you might think it is a perfect time to bring these foods you love, but chances are, it will either leave stains on your shirt or residue everywhere and it could end up pretty messy. picnic should be simple and you will want to spend more time to talk to the person you are with while remaining in touch with nature than cleaning up things, don't you?

second. bring the essentials. you are done with the foods, it is great. but do not forget the rest, guys! plates, drinking jars, utensils, napkins, blanket, or even a small garbage bag should be in the list! you might think it's easy to find trash can at a park. trust me, it's not! it could be annoying to have those things around in the end, and i don't think you want to take extra time for it.

third. check the weather! please, please, do this. make sure you check the weather forecast before making any final plans. rain could ruin your picnic (or maybe don't?!) but it's better to be prepared, right?

last but not least. bring the comfortable stuff. it can be a big blanket to sit on or when it gets colder, or pillows to lay on. make sure it is big enough so you are not the only one who use it (except you have a picnic by yourself). we actually did not bring these things, because we did not plan to stay for four hours in a row! we were in fact a lil tired at particular time, but we already decided before to take some rest after picnic so it was not a big deal for us!

i hope this post can help you guys preparing a picnic date as spring is in full bloom! i think picnic is a part of spring that everyone should try, it is just romantic! we really enjoyed it and we could stay longer that day but it sure was not our last picnic this year!

have a lovely week!

June 4, 2017

A Sunday in Spring

It has been almost a month since the last time i posted something here. I miss blogging already! It has been a week since the exams began and i needed to prepare for it everyday. I have so many things to write because May is a special month for me. It's like Christmas in Spring! But since the exam ends next week, i am gonna post something regularly again.

Sunday is a day of rest for both of us, a day where we can spend time together. I really look forward to every Sunday because it really has been busy weeks for me. Also, i have to learn so much the past days for my examination (and still for next week) and i can at least take a day off (or two!). 

We take a stroll in a big garden, it was a wonderful day. We could hear jazz music from afar and there was indeed a jazz concert, which was actually pretty nice. It was such a warm day! We ate ice cream and talked a lot about our future dreams. I love this kind of day, just two of us having fun the whole day. 

look at this! isn't it magnificent? the first time i saw it i was like..'look at that bird! no, duck! or wait..'
it looks like a bird, but at this park there are more ducks than birds but the color reminds me of.. a chicken?!

two of my favorite things: this man and ice cream!

found these shoes last week and i fell in love since! what a pretty color! matched with my denim jeans and my favorite yellow shirts, it becomes my new favorite casual Sunday outfit now!

What is your favorite thing to do on weekend? Tell me your story! Have a wonderful day!

May 15, 2017

Thank you, 21.

Thank you for making an effort to learn things you never thought you will be expert at. They don't seem so hard, do they?

Thank you for never giving up on things you really love. It is what you want. You know it's worth it.

Thank you for challenging yourself every time you need to. You just want to bring out the best in you.

Thank you for choosing the man you are with now. It's been the best 5 years of my life.

Thank you for sticking around with best friends from 3 different schools, and those best friends outside the school. They remind you how amazing it feels to remain the same whereas you live in another culture.

Thank you for every effort you make to study for better grades.

Thank you for making this blog. Fashion has always been your thing. I wonder why you didn't do it earlier.

Thank you for staying in Germany. It is a country you call home now.

Thank you for being in a school where the people are very kind and friendly.

Thank you for making the right decision, for always trusting your gut, because i have never been happier before.

Thank you for loving yourself, everyday. 

May 1, 2017

Monday Look: Mom Jeans

Happy First Day of May! Time flies so fast, can you tell? I am so excited though because i absolutely love this month. It is my favorite month of the year because birthdays of my favorite people are in May – my man's, my sister's, and my bestfriend's! I feel like i am more related to people who was born in May because they are darlings! so grateful to have them in my life and get the chance to share the same birthday month. It's indeed an endless happy feeling happening every day the whole month!

It has been a long weekend for us because my man and i take extra 2 days off work. We would like to celebrate my birthday together and he has been preparing for it since. I keep myself busy with Pinterest when it comes to inspiration and since he wants to do some DIYs for me, he had to download it himself on his own phone, which i extremely hard to imagine because i have never seen him doing some DIYs before and instead buy things at stores. We usually celebrate the birthdays outside the whole day rather than at home and have a dinner at a restaurant because he had to work abroad the last 4 years and we only had several days in a month together. It was practical at the moment because we didn't have to prepare for it (except the birthday presents). But i am really glad he doesn't have to work abroad anymore and spend times everyday together!

Pinterest has been a big part in my creative world because it provides so many inspiration (DUH! i do not think i have to explain why?!) Since he discovered this platform, he keeps showing me some funny pics and beautiful places to visit. I always have to laugh when he gets email newsletter from Pinterest because of the suggestions that based on what he searches there (and now it is torte recipe, which has to be a surprise for me) because it is so sweet of him that he makes some effort for my birthday. It reminds me of how excited i also am the first time i discovered Pinterest and i can't imagine not to use it as a blogger! I get tons of inspiration there when it comes to new ideas for my Monday Look, for example how to pair this mom jeans. I have been looking for the perfect one and my man got me this for a birthday present and i am so happy about it! This jeans is wonderful to show off the waist by tucking tops into the high-waist jeans, belt it and toughen it up with some killer heels and baker boy cap. This is also one of my favorite looks! What do you think?

What do you think about Pinterest? And which clothing items you like better to match to mom jeans? I hope you have a great start into the week! 

April 24, 2017

Monday Look: Striped Trousers

After a relaxed week of Easter holiday, i am ready to go back to work again this week. It is a tradition that we spend the general holidays together as a big family. As we move to another city, seeing each other becomes more special because we cannot go back there more often due to our jobs here. So, last week we visited my man's parents in his hometown and it was nice to be there again. I lived there for almost 2 years before and it feels like coming back home. The city is more quite than here and i kinda miss it. It is crazy when you think you are a city person and you need the tranquility all the same time.

But not only that, i am glad to meet his parents again. We hadn't been there since new years eve and it felt like forever! We usually visit them almost every weekend and suddenly we gotta wait for months! The celebration was lovely after all. It began with having coffee in the afternoon, and then have a dinner and play cards until midnight, which i get a real kick of. Especially when you win the game despite the fact that my man and his dad are really good opponents!

Last week we only stayed at home spending time together. The weather was not really good the whole week and even snow fell for 2 days! It was pretty funny because i have already cleaned out my closet for spring one day before the snowstorm! Haha! But i just checked the weather forecast and i do not think it is getting better until the middle of May. I was hoping that i could celebrate my birthday in the sun but i think it remains a dream this year.

Because of the bad weather we were not really outside the house. Yesterday we decided to went out and get some cakes but it was terribly windy on the way! For me, a casual weekend outfit like this is silk trousers (like this striped one) and a wool t-shirt on colder days in spring. I matched the t-shirt with this cute layered necklace and leather jacket. I saw this pants at H&M store and i fell in love! It is so 80's and i am loving the outfit at the moment. What do you think?

How was your Easter holiday? Do you have any traditions you always do on holiday? Please tell me your story! You know i love to hear it! Have a lovely day!

April 10, 2017

Monday Look: Spring Scarf

It is a good feeling to be able to go outside again on days in spring. The time has passed so slowly when you have to stay at home feeling sick instead of going to school. My man and i were unwell the past days and this one week seemed like forever. But we feel better now after a thousand cups of tea and taking some rest. 

We were going to a park in town. I was a little bit surprised because this park is really huge and yet there were lots of people! We were driving for about 20 minutes only to find the parking lot. It was just crazy! There were so many, we also had to stand in the long line for ice cream twice! We have been waiting for around 15 minutes and it sold out just like that only 3 people before us. It was like a scene from a horror movie (for kids)! We took a look and found another ice cream stand and finally we got some! 

The high temperatures did not keep me from adding some accessories for my neck. It was indeed a warm day but when you take a stroll in a beautiful park it could be a little cold sometimes. I am amazed how a light scarf can actually keep me warm on a colder spring day! So i paired it with a lace camisole and boyfriend jeans with fishnets underneath. For a casual look, i wore my favorite white shoes and a leather jacket. What do you think?

What is your favorite accessories in spring? Please let me know! 
I hope you guys have a great day!

April 3, 2017

Monday Look: Baker Boy Hat

I have been writing about Spring since the last 3 posts and now i can proudly tell that Spring is officially here! There is nothing more exciting than that feeling that winter eventually gave up! This freshness of the spring and colorful warmth of the summer are so nice i can't tell!

During cold days i tend to wear winter beanie to avoid that head pain because of the cold temperature, especially if my long hair is a bit wet after a bath/shower and i don't have the time to blow dry my hair. Don't get me wrong, i really love my long hair and i enjoy taking care of it but it can sometimes feel like it takes that much effort! It is also unnecessary to blow dry my hair everyday. I feel like my hair gets extremely dry and unhealthy after that. Over-dry hair also causes damage and i don't want too much hairspray! So headwear helps me a lot!

As the temperature gets higher in Spring, it is a must going out in the sun. It is also important to wear a hat because of the heat on my head. It somehow causes dizziness and it's kind of annoying when you are trying to stay outside all day because look at this view!

Isn't it lovely?

I'm so happy this baker boy hat is trending because i am obsessed! This accessory has become my go-to, a fun alternative to those cute beanies and fedoras in Spring. Pairing it with my favorite black leather jacket and floral blouse, fishnet tights and white shoes, it has become my favorite outfit! Do you like it, too?

When you just want a good picture where you walk gracefully and it looks like you try this anti-gravity thing..

Are you also a fan of headwear? Which one you'd like to wear this Spring?

Have a wonderful day!
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