Spring at the Elbe.

April 23, 2018

we had a coffee with a friend of us last week and sunday strolls at the river Elbe after. if you have been following my blog since months, you might have read about this beautiful river that located in my town. but it was such a good day that my man and i want to do it again, just the two of us! i love little dates with my man, especially when it comes to walking around in our free time.

spring days over here in germany is so wonderful. we had a really long winter and since the spring hits, it's kind of warmer than the usual one. the air is lovely and people are going outside soaking sunshine with a good mood. i do not know how i survive the last three weeks of school this year without this beautiful weather. now that exam weeks are happening, it's getting exhausted and i have to push through. spring has helped me to take a break for a day and just go outside to enjoy the nature. it is always so refreshing and it boosts my mood immediately, especially when i get to spend the day with my man. we already planned a picnic date anytime soon or probably just sitting outside on a towel at the park till sunset. either way, i am excited about it! did you even realize how stunning it is to savour the nighttime sounds of spring peepers and foxes' barking, and the scent of a moonlit night?! it was one of those moments where you stand still and stay silent for awhile, watch the sun fall behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink, and i thank god for that.

i got this gorgeous summer dress maybe already last winter and i have been waiting for warmer days to come since! it's such a pretty black midi dress, perfectly matched with my red sandals i bought when i was in Malaysia last summer. this is the most favorite dress of mine at the moment and is still available in the beige shades on ASOS!

do you also like the dress? and what do you love the most about this season? share with me in the comment below what activities you are excited about this spring!

until then.

BW - Blue and White.

April 19, 2018

today is the last working day of the week and i am slowly sliding into the weekend already. it has been such a good week because i was working in the operating room of Angiography and Urography. i am so grateful for the experience because i am really impressed of the medicine that we have nowadays. with the weekend comes many stuff to learn too because i have five tests next week so i gotta be ready. but first things first, soakin' some sunshine on spring days!

this look is one of my favorites because the color combination is really lovely. as i saw these white mom jeans on NA-KD, i am in love because it fits my body and has the perfect length for me as a small person. the jeans are not really straight leg, neither bootcut, kind of the combination of booth, so it's great! and how pretty my blue top is?!

what do you think about this outfit? i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

until then.

Spring has sprung!

April 14, 2018

the official spring has sprung almost two weeks now and nothing beats such days like these. the air is so sweet it almost feels like the one in my hometown indonesia. flowers start to grow, the wind is still a bit strong though but that's what makes us survive between the heat, right? i am grateful for this season because last winter felt really long. maybe because i was shortly in indonesia for two weeks before and i get used to the heat. but it's high spring here in germany and i can already leave my sweater at home by night. it is amazing! so when the first spring day has arrived, we went on a date at a beautiful palace in our hometown.

we did not use some sunscreens at that day because we actually did not expect that it was so warm! the palace is really pretty, we were imagining how fantastic it'd be to live in such a place because it's located directly at the Elbe river. the first thing i'd do when i woke up maybe to enjoy the view of the river with a tea and some delicious breakfast. the garden is also big and amazingly decorated with flowers. we enjoyed the view with some ice creams and just sat there together soaking some sunshine. it was such a beautiful day. what a place!

do you also like to go to palace? which places would you love to go to on a date?

until then.

How to style eyebrows with soap.

April 11, 2018

some of you have asked me how i do my eyebrows. as you see, i have a natural pretty thick brows and i have to be careful when it comes to grooming them. i actually just go for an easy styled eyebrows and nothing fancy on them so i prefer to shape them to look as natural as possible. i am happy with the results that come with my top secrets that i have been using for weeks now. i am loving these so much because it does not look too much for any of my make-up look and gives the perfect natural touch on it. one of the product is also recommended by this amazing make-up artist based in London and the eyebrows look amazingly stunning!

products used:

all you have to do is make your brush wet with face mist or any kind of face spray or just spritzing one or two directly on the soap. after that, roll it around the soap and comb it through your brows until all of the hair was coated and sticking straight up. you have to leave it to dry before you fill in. the soap will keeping brows firmly held in the direction they are brushed.

of course you can also try any other soap if you have any around, but i recommend a mild, facial bar-soap. it naturally feels like it dries out once you brush them with soap, but the product are using the finest natural and organic ingredients so i do not have to worry at all that i damage them. the brand use only vegetable and plant based ingredients so this is suitable for vegan use. apart from the fact that it costs about £10, this soap is super handy and it saves me so much time because of the natural look so i am very pleased with the result this product gives on my eyebrows. the soap comes with extra two little brushes which is amazing if you want to use separate brushes.


after all, this soap definitely worth the money since it serves its purpose and contains organic ingredients. i will recommend this to all ladies out there, especially those who adore groomed, fuller looking, natural brows like me.

what do you think about it? would you want to try it out? have a wonderful day!

until then.

Spring Fashion Trends 2018 | My Top 5

April 8, 2018

so.. spring is officially in the air here in germany and i am super excited to finally share with you my top five spring trends this year since i have not written such post before on the blog! that's because this is actually my first time following the trends because there are so much to love about them lately that i need to round up the trends that i can't wait to start wearing!

i always feel like i have to wear colorful piece of clothes in spring since the flowers bloom everywhere, but the last months i have tried some basic outfit that includes white shades and it's actually so flattering if it's mixed with colorful pieces to let the color pop out like yellow or red shoes. white might not be really a trend because it's 'only' one of those basic colors but you sure have seen many white dresses around right now so i think it's safe to say that it IS a trend and i am so happy about it because this color looks  stunning on any skin tone!

as a huge comeback from the 80s, it is the prettiest trend that ever happening this year! there are many ways to style it, whether wear it as bracelet or style it on those messy hairs if you do not have much time and want to go on a casual date. i personally love to style it to the low ponytail because it's the easiest hairstyle around and you have that cute hairstyle in less than five minutes! 

this is the trend you need to add to your shopping list RIGHT NOW! it is such a cute accessories to add to your spring wardrobe and gives a nice holiday touch to any spring/summer outfit, even though you are not going or flying anywhere this year! it looks even adorable with the silk scarf around the handle of your straw bag! 

the it-color of the season, am i right?! i have been loving these colors like forever, so when it's around i am so happy about it. the color is universally flattering and it looks just fabulous on every skin tone. i have seen a cute sweater in the lavender shade anytime last autumn and i just bought it right away! i cannot believe it's a trend this year! tbh, i am not into trends in generall and only wear what i really love but i have been loving many trends lately that i have to recap a spring trends on the blog this year!

you might have seen this trend around for months now so i need to add this to the list! i mean, the indie-touch is just effortlessly cool! it comes in every color but i personally love the black one (mine is from Mango) because of the cool factor and it fits in every (basic) spring look!

are you also into one of these trends? which one is your favorite? i wish you all a fabulous sunday!

until then.

My first youtube video is online!

April 6, 2018

you guys, i did it! i cannot believe my eyes till i saw it done. 

this is a very special post because i decided to do what i always wanted to do since three years now: making my first youtube video! i remember two years ago when i launched this website i told myself that i just want to focus on my blog first and maybe one day, one day when i am ready, i will do the youtube thing. but you know what? i actually did not know when i will be ready for it. this thing will never happen when i am waiting for it.

i watch youtube videos intensely since four years ago, and that was because i want to take my make-up skills to the next level. i mean, mascara and lipstick only? come on. there is nothing wrong with these, it's great though, but we all can do more with make-up, trying new things, don't you think! so inspired by them, i was having the thought of making my own channel one day. not beauty video, but more of style and fashion that i am really into.

and then i watch one of inspiring videos of Mel Robbins. you might have seen her somewhere with her amazing 5 second rules, and if you haven't, watch her youtube channel right now! i follow her since almost a year now, and this woman is such an amazing person, she keep saying: 

we are all will never feel ready. so, do it.

and it's true. here it is!

after producing this video for about a week, i gain a lot more respect for all youtubers. if you see the beauty or style videos on youtube, you may think it's easy to make, but woman i can tell you, it's not. producing one single video requires bunch of efforts, time, creativity and energy. i mean, i am having fun along the way but it really is a hard work! despite the fact that recording it lasted about one hour, editing the video took me four days. i even had no experience in editing video, so it was kind of exhausting. but it's worth it, it is freaking worth it because i wanted this thing! i am so happy that i did it, and i hope you can enjoy my very first video. if you are also on youtube, do not forget to subscribe for another update!

have a fabulous weekend!

until then.

Items of The Month - March

March 30, 2018

have a good friday, angels! it's already the end of march and you know i love it to share the items that i bought through the whole month before we jump into april. this time it includes some shoes which caught my eyes immediately the moment i saw them online. they were on sale since weeks and i am waiting for the good weather to finally match them with my lighter outfits. it's too bad that spring this year is not really like what i've experienced the past years but then again, it's kind of normal since we did not have white christms last year here in germany. 

back to the items, i am including my cute blouse that arrived just yesterday to the list! this cherry printed one fits perfectly on me and has the best length when it's combined with mom jeans. it's thin which is great to wear on warmer days and i really can't wait to wear this another day!

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.

1. The Ordinary - 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil
i want to introduce you the good low-budget skincare product that had me 'wow'! as you know, i am into skincare product lately and strive to improve the quality of my routine. you might have seen these product around as well since the marula facial oil from them is kind of similar with the one from Drunk Elephant. i have been using this and i have to say it's such a great facial oil to use both in skincare routine and foundation. i have never used such an oil before so it was not really comfortable at first because of the oil, but the result is so satisfying that it feels like i have a baby face which is so smooth and gives me the fresh hydrating look.

2. The Ordinary - Lactic Acid 10% + HA
this is the first exfoliating serum that i have ever tried, which has lactic acid and hyaluronic acid. i watched a video of skincare review the other day and it includes acid to the routine. i wanted to incorporate it into my skincare routine and just bought it right away. it's really interesting that this small bottle can exfoliates skin so while i was worried it could cause skin damage, i am happy that my skin does not feel uncomfortable or itchy, despite the fact that i have to wait 20 minutes to let it absorbs. i think it is a perfect addition if you want to try out acids since it costs less than $10. i do not promise you it will be good for your skin since it's a bit strong but this product is an AHA, so it might be perfect for those with dry skin. i personally have combination skin and it is worked wonderfully for me!

3. The Ordinary - Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion (Previously Advanced Retinoid 2%)
i ordered their retinoid product that offers better results than the usual retinol. the Granactive Retinoid is a moderate-strength retinoid with a lightweight creamy serum texture. it is not an oil and has a low risk of irritation since i am new to retinoid which is why i want to try out. for those of you who have no clue what that is, well, this one has known for being one of the most effective ingredients for anti-ageing. and yes, i am not even in my mid 20s but a little ageing prevention doesn’t hurt, does it? it is also important to use this on a dry skin and only at night because it can make your skin more sensitive to UV radiation. i have used this few times now and thank god my skin responded well to this so if you want to try out, you can choose this one!

4. Truffle Collection - Wrap Ankle Point Toe Mid Heel Shoe
i have to be honest with you, i was never into the leopard print, neither on shoes nor clothes. but you guys, in one glance they just look stunning! the block heels are my very first leopard printed item in my accessories collection and the perfect ones for spring days. even better, these costed under $50 so i had to grab these beauties!

5. ASOS - Marbles Woven Mules
these ones are too cute, aren't they? they also come in gold shades, but the pink ones are my favorites! perfect to match with a black maxi dress or just a pair of jeans and a simple tee.

6. Mango - Black Sunglasses
you might have seen such sunglasses a lot lately, but these just give that cool touch into any outfits! i have been looking for the perfect shape and when i came across these, i really love them. they were sold out quickly so i had to order them as they were restocked and i could imagine to wear these everyday in spring.

which one is your favorite? i can't be happy enough to welcome the new season with these items. i mean, i am ready! spring, come faster! x


until then.

Valentine's Day 2018

March 22, 2018

i know it's a bit late for a post of valentine's day since it's already over a month ago but i just had to write about the day. my man and i went to work that day until afternoon so we planned to go out for a date night. it's also one of our traditions to exchange valentine's day gifts every year. i was really pleased to find this chloé eau de parfum at a store anytime last year and my man got me one (i also put this parfum on the v-day gift ideas earlier on my blog)i am obsessed with this beauty since, not only the packaging (that beautiful pink bow; so chic!) is adorable but the smell, so fresh and pretty, i cannot stop spritzing! it's clean, elegant and floral which every lady will definitely love. 

let me talk about this new fav eau de parfum of mine. i don't know about you, but this is so far the best that i've found in my life. i actually do not wear parfume that much, because every time i tried to use any kind of parfume, i can't help but hurting my nose so much i had to sneeze all the time. it's just uncomfortable! since chloé smells like a powdery rose bouquet, i feel so fresh and it also boost my mood just like that! what i love about it most is that hours later after i apply, i still have that beautiful smell. it does last hours, you guys! i remember the first time i spritzed it on my wrist, it had me saying 'wow'! very pleasant! i generally like rose scents but i have never come across rose done so well. it's like happiness in a bottle! i can't believe a parfume can give that kind of feeling to a woman. chloé is very well-blended floral that exudes grace, elegance and classiness. since i tested it at a store with my man, i directly asked him what he thinks about it and he loves it, too! it's important to me that he likes the parfume since we spend the most of time together! i am really glad i found this!

anyway, back at the day, we went to cinema in the early evening to watch the newest star wars movie, the last jedi. i know it's not the most romantic movie, but we wanted to watch it since last christmas and we just haven't found the time yet to go to the cinema. but, how great it is?! we love it! i think this one has been produced differently than the other seven, but still: a masterpiece. i am so glad that they've shown princess lea till the end of the movie, but i also bummed out that luke had to die (i mean, why?!). overall, i'd watch the movie one more time because star wars is just awesome!

we got hungry after it (duh!). it was our first time not ordering tables at any restaurant on valentine's day! we didn't want any fancy dinner on that night because we have to go home early to work the next day. we ended up going to an asia restaurant near our place. lucky us we got a table! poor my man, he got a wrong order but they gave him the right one 10 mins later. we really enjoyed the day because it was different, i think since the day was in the middle of the week. nothing made me happier than spend the time together with this man on such a romantic day.

have a lovely day!

until then.

The Spring 2018 Makeup Wishlist

March 17, 2018

(this post is not sponsored)

when i was a teenager, i was into makeup but did not know where to start. i mean, i am the first daughter in the family and having big brothers is great but i sometimes wished i had someone who i could do make-up with! thanks to internet nowadays, with instagram comes a lot of influencers who get sponsored from or collaborate with different brands, be it fashion or make-up. it's also no secret that we women love to try these products out through their reviews, which is amazing because it feels like everything is there! you can see the result without even have to buy them first and also tips and tricks on how to use them properly.

spring is the month in which everything gets lighter: the sky, the clothes and even the makeup! when it comes to make-up, i am all about that glow. since this year i adore such a healthy-skin-makeup look and i have already listed my makeup wishlist for this season! i mean, there is no better than the sun shining on that dewy face, right?!

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.

1. Becca Cosmetics Glow on The Go
this one is inspired by an amazing makeup artist i found on instagram and she uses this now and then. the result is always amazing with this one! she revealed, that the key for a natural look is: using a liquid and a powder highlighter! i am so excited to try this out and will make an update about it!

2. Benefit the POREfessional Pore Primer
i was actually never into a primer, since i did not understand the function of it. i saw a youtube video of a woman tried foundation on an orange peel (since it's full of pores!) with and without primer and it was surprisingly interesting! i know i'm a bit 'old-school' on this, but i need to see a proof! 

3. NYX Powder Puff Lipie
i think we all agree on one thing: a woman can never have enough lipstick! a review says 'it looks so natural and feels like nothing on the lips' so i would love to try this out since the wind is so strong on spring days (you know, the hair blowing madly in the wind and just obscuring the face!).

4. Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer
what can i say, the days soaked with sun are just perfect for a healthy, glowing skin without too much makeup! most days, i do not wear makeup (especially when grocery shopping) but sometimes i wanna look like 'put together' without too much makeup, you know what i am saying?! so i would love to just wear a lighter version of foundation with this one, with a cream blush and a lipgloss!

5. Tarte Cosmetics Ready Set Radiant
it's actually not on my wishlist, since i already own this baby! it works wonder if you have a matte foundation but still want to go for a dewy look! it gives you a natural, radiant touch and nobody even notices that you use the same foundation on daily basis! i need to buy a bigger one because mine is only in a small kit. it is worth the money!

6. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
i remember when i went to shopping some makeup products with my man and we stumbled upon a translucent setting powder, he asked me why i need it because he notices that i already have one, but the normal one. i was like, this powder turns invisible when applied to the skin. he was very confused because 'nobody would even notice that!' haha! it was so sweet of him for thinking that way, because i can understand that powder actually comes in different shades and the translucent powder is perfect to control oily skin several times throughout the day since the spring days are coming closer. it's just so much fun to go makeup/clothes shopping with him because he has such an unexpected statement on some woman products, in positive way of course!

which one is your favorite? do you have any spring makeup wishlist this year? have a fabulous day!

until then.

Favorite pieces of spring 2018

March 14, 2018

since the days get colder again for the next weeks according to weather forecast, let us be prepared by now for the lovely spring days! i mean, it's coming either way, isn't it?! germany is such a beautiful country and i have fallen in love with after my first stay almost five years ago, but this long winter makes me crave some sunshine! i think it's kind of my nature to soak sunshine everyday since the weather in indonesia is so freakin' good. so, talking about some spring pieces helps a bit to get through the winter blues.





i literally love all these picks! so pretty, they might be my essentials this year. which piece is your favorite and which one would you actually buy? have a fabulous day!

until then.

Flea market in Spring.

March 11, 2018

it was such a beautiful sunny day, and, the warmest one of the year! it's kind of crazy that it really is march already. i mean, we just had almost +30°C over here in Germany! my man and i went to a flea market today, only they sold used as well as new car components.  market was quite big, which made us hard to meet a friend of us due to the large number of visitors. and since 99% of them were men, women got free entrance cards! 


it's always interesting for me to see vintage and antique things. my man likes it even more when it contains vinyl records. as we lived in another cities, we visited such markets quite a lot and i wonder why we stopped doing it. i think we'll do it more often by now since spring is in the air! do you like to go to flea market, too? have a wonderful weekend!

until then.

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