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May 21, 2018

once the flowers start to bloom out there, i feel like it is a brand new life for each of us, don't you think? i mean, the sun, the spirit, and people in general are different, in positive way of course. so probably that is also why everyone is glowing from inside out, and for us women it is even a benefit, because it means not only that we enjoy wear less make-up, but also the humidity! spring is sure full of wonderful things, and the list goes on and on and on.

but actually glowing up is not only about the make-up skills you have, i mean it sure can help a bit every now and then. but trust me, you can get the best beauty products but if you are not having sleep for three days, you would never glow up from within if you are tired. hence, bad mood. so yeah. it's not pretty.

1. drink more water
i know, this one you have been hearing for like thousand times, and it seems like not working at all. but have you tried out, really, drink more water? i need to put this into the list, because our body's cells need to regenerate and water helps during the process and keeps skin cells hydrated. so water plumps the skin cells up making them look less wrinkled. it flushes impurities and toxins out of the system keeping your face fresh and clean and thus aid in reducing the breakouts and acne. and oh, our body is composed of roughly 60% water, so we need water!

2. skin care
unless you are having a good gene, you might skip this one. skin care is the thing i never knew of the benefit till two years ago. thanks to the marketing hype on social media, skin care becomes so popular and it felt like everyone needs to make a routine out of it. i was like, what skin care?! haha. but it has been a total game changer for sure! i remember the first weeks of applying my foundation, it was so uncomfortable. my face has always been so dry on some point, the foundation was so streaky and cakey. at the end of the day, we just need to pay close attention to our skin in the same way we do to our body, and the skin of each of us is different! so, find out what works best for you, because a simple skincare routine is no better than a complicated one. 

3. highlighter
so we get to the point where make-up product is on board. yes lady, highlighter! i used to wear only foundation, blush, and lipstick and i stumbled upon many beauty videos where they apply highlighter. it was confusing at one moment, because why tho?! i tried it out and holy moly! the key of maximal glow is using the powder and liquid ones and it gives you the nice, natural, dewy looks.

4. cream blush
i use cream blush a lot on warmer days. not only it stays longer on my face, but it helps me glowing up because of the consistence. it really looks amazing on skin, especially applying it with finger because it is just natural. 

5. lip gloss/lip balm
i mean, do not get me wrong, i love matte lipstick! it does not budge, stays longer, and you have got the look by only one swipe. but really, i can't stand the feeling of drying out lips because of it! since i got the advent calendar from maybelline, i tried out some amazing products from them. one of them i use everyday now is the baby lips edition. it comes in such stunning colors and i am so glad i found the best one for my skin tone!

6. sport
for those of you who needs to work so hard you have no time for this, i can feel you. this step is such a problem for adults and that is why the quotes: sport is for tomorrow! haha! but seriously, i feel way much better after jogging for half an hour to an hour. it improves blood circulation, and lower hypertension and stress levels. if you google the benefits, you might find like million reasons why you should do sport right now, and yes, you should really do. it also brings positive energy, discipline, and helps in building self-esteem and mutual respect, which is why it helps on glowing up inside out.

7. facial spray
i LOVE facial spray! i thank you, the inventor of this beauty product, because i cannot live without this amazing stuff! it brings my make-up skills to a whole new level, for using it on my soap brow, on my face, mixing it with my foundation, and etc.! i have so much love for this, and despite of the benefits, it is also refreshing! such a perfect product to carry on warmer days!

8. smile
i mean, the easiest way to glow up is to smile! you can wake up from a good sleep, wearing many make-up and not smiling and looking like you just had a rough day. or you can wear none of make-up and smiling and still looks like the prettiest lady in the room! smiling actually makes you, the person smiling, happier regardless of the situation. normally we are hardwired to smile only during pleasant situations. so fun fact: the brain in turn releases endorphins which lowers stress and improves your overall mood, hence making the situation pleasant. it is impressive how amazing our body works, don't you think? so fake the smile, because you will be happy either way!

until then.

Do it, anyway.

May 12, 2018

it's still May and i am happy.

i have a good life that's why, thank god i have one. i moved to Europe to do what i have been wanting and now i speak german, have a wonderful man that supports me, and go to a medicine school with such lovely people around. when i read the previous sentences over again, it sounds really like a dream come true for me. and it is. i dreamt of having life like this. nothing fancy. everybody asked me where i get the courage from, to leave hometown in such a young year. and you know what, it's inside of us, every each of us, the whole time.

i just want you guys to know that whatever it is that you've wanted your whole life, you should really go for it. and you might not doing it yet because you are afraid. be afraid, it's normal. and do it anyway. you cannot let the fear inside you make you stuck at where you are right now. because, who are we without a lil scare? everybody got scared. and me, i just enjoy it. i need to see myself, how far i'll go, because it's a part of growing, and i told myself if i am not doing it, i will never gonna do it. when i have to give a lecture at school two years ago, it was for sure the challenge of my life. i am the only person in my class who is not german, and i should give a speech about one medicine theme and i was like, this is it. but now when i think about it, i gave already about 10 speeches the last two years at school, in german, which is not my native language, and got A's. the thing is, i love doing speeches, and whatever language it is, i am just gonna do it anyway. it's not about me trying to brag or anything over here. it is just one of stories that i want to share that you, too, can do whatever it is that you love, right now, even you think you do not have the slightest chance at all. while everything you do that you love, with love, you are in the right way.

so, the bucket list that you made back then, you should grab it and do the whole thing. because nothing gonna do it for you. live the life you want. only you can fulfill it. everybody else is too busy, you know. you, have the chance to do it, today.

until then.

Birthday Post 2018.

May 4, 2018

yesterday, i turned one year older.

when i was a kid i remember being so excited for birthdays. i decorated my room by myself and took my time to celebrate alone at midnight when the house was at its silence. this was one of my rituals for a reflection on everything in my life. it's important to me because only myself i can count on, and at the end of the day, i need to make myself happy first to make everyone around me happy.

another year older means one bit wiser, and it's true. i am not saying i am as wise as my grandparents were, but i get to choose the things i let in my life, and the things i want to be around, be it work, friendship and relationship, and it is an amazing thing. today as an adult with so many activities, i am so glad to be able to do this. and at this very moment, i am beyond happy to be in a good place. to share this happiness with my wonderful man beside me is a magic. 

my birthday was amazing. i celebrated it with my man at midnight and got some balloons (yay!!) and presents. last year i took a day off for a celebration but this year i got to do a big exam spend a couple of hours at school. i brought cupcakes and a chocolate-blueberry cake for my friends and i was thrilled that they liked it. my man was home all day wrapping birthday presents and baking the birthday cake for me since i was around all the time and he couldn't really do it the past weeks. 

i want to talk a little bit about the presents. we went to a stationery shop in town weeks before my birthday and i told him that i've always wanted to get pretty stationery for birthday because i am a fan since forever. days after that i totally forgot about the stationery things and instead told him that i wanted a white summer dress for my birthday. i opened the presents and the books were in it! he is so cute for remembering it. and the merci chocolate, isn't it PERFECT? i never thought he would actually do DIY-present for me since it's always been MY thing between us. you can tell that he is talented!

we had a lovely dinner in the evening at an asia restaurant nerby our place and the food, i tell ya, it was fantastic! we had crispy chinese duck breasts and coconut coctails and this has been officially our favorite menu! we were really full after that because it was indeed delicious! haha!

in between the activities i made time for a reflection, a little gratitude for myself. i have evolved to the point where i can be damn proud of. i speak fluently german and i have been living here almost five years now. i have my heart and my conscience as the only tools to overcome life's inevitable obstacles. next year hopefully i am preparing the last examination and will be ready to work at hospital anywhere after graduation. 

i am really glad to to be growing older.

and i hope for many happy returns of the day.

until then.

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